Book Review: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (Sound Recording)

Victorian England greets Tessa Gray, come from America to join her brother and only relative, in very strange ways.  Within moments of disembarking from her journey, she is taken captive and soon forced into a world she could scarcely have imagined.  Not only is she astonished by the supernatural elements that surround her, but she also finds that she, herself, is something other than a mundane human.  Mercilessly tortured and at her wits-end, Tessa finds small comfort in the one object she still possesses from her past:  a clockwork necklace that was her mother’s.  Precariously teetering between despair and resolve, Tessa is intruded upon and rescued by an heroic, cocky and extraordinarily handsome Will.  As her life takes this new turn, Tessa must attempt make sense of Shadowhunters and Downworlders in order to find her brother, understand her powers and, possibly, unearth the impenetrable secrets of many types of love. 

In this first installment of the Infernal Devices series, Cassandra Clare has woven a gripping and sinister tale, complete with deceit and emotional vexation.  Evil is pitted against good, but the lines between the two are as foggy as 19th century London, and the meticulous, yet unexpected character development will hook readers early on.  Clockwork Angel will appeal to readers of many ages, for it offers up love, deception, history, adventure, fantasy and science. Fast-paced and compelling, Clockwork Angel will pull readers on toward the intense and heart-wrenching cliffhanger…leaving readers eagerly awaiting Book II. 

Jennifer Ehle exposes the emotion and personality behind each of the characters with her exceptional reading of this novel.  Readers will find excuses to continue listening far longer than they intended to this beautiful and addicting story.  I highly recommend The Infernal Devices, Book I: Clockwork Angel

  • “Readers will eagerly anticipate the next volumes…for the richly developed characters, intriguing steampunk elements, and lightning pace.”  BCCB/Oct 2010
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