Q&A: I’m buying a new microwave. Does the library have any resources that would show ratings?


Dallas Public Library has Consumer Reports!

Educated consumers look at factors beyond the familiar brand or the best price when making important purchasing decisions.  The Consumer Reports Buying Guide Issue, available at several Dallas Public library locations, can be used to identify articles in the monthly Consumer Reports magazine to assist with buying microwaves and other products.   The Buying Guide Issue also contains useful purchasing information for particular product types – the 2010 issue provides microwave features and shopping tips, as well as directing the reader to the February 2009 monthly issue where ratings and further information may be found.  Consumer Reports is now available electronically through the EBSCOHost database MasterFILE Premier, accessible at all Dallas Public Library locations.  Offsite Dallas Public Library cardholders may also access the database through the Library Website’s Databases Page.   The database’s keyword search feature offers customers another option for identifying, and linking to, articles rating a particular product.  Issues of the magazine in paper format are available from the 1940s through 2009 in the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library’s Business & Technology Division.

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