Linked-In Wednesday: HistoryPin

Historypin allows people to “pin” old photographs dating back years or even decades on to images of the same street or place as captured by Google.

There’s more to historypin than “pinning” old photographs to new ones, though.  Libraries, museums, historical societies and individuals are “pinning” photos, videos, audio files and stories all over Google’s streetview all over the world.  Well, all over much of the world.  Google hasn’t photographed every corner of the globe quite yet, but they’re getting closer.  It is possible to use the site to take a historical tour of cities thanks to a keyword search system.

What parts of the world can I see? 

You can even take a historical tour of Dallas.  Some of the Dallas photos available on historypin were pinned in place by the Texas/Dallas Archives Division of the Dallas public Library. 

Photos shared by the Dallas Public Library

You can use the link above to see the photos submitted by the library.  I clicked on a photo of the Adolphus Hotel taken in 1914.  Then click on the familiar Google streetview person near the lower right corner of the photograph to see the photo with the current streetview.

Adolphus Hotel








From there, you can take a tour of Downtown.  Click on photos pinned nearby to explore or click on “Map” on the menu at the top of the page to do a keyword search for something specific.  You can also hold your cursor over “Show the search” right above where the street address is shown on the photo in the upper left corner.

Historypin also has apps for the iPhone and Android OS, so you can take it with while exploring your favorite city.  You may find all sorts of things you never knew were there.

Historypin is a world of fun at your fingertips. Enjoy!

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