My grandfather served overseas during the Korean War. I’d like to learn more about the war and about his service record, if possible.

Korean WarGenealogy has access to many resources that can help you find information about your grandfather’s service record in the Korean War., History & Social Sciences – also on the 8th floor – has a good number of books about the Korean War available for checkout. Many of the genealogical resources for the Korean War are online, and Genealogy provides free access to at the central library, so you have a good head start with us.

If your grandfather died overseas during the Korean War, we can help you access an database called Korean War Casualties 1950-1957. There is a similar database for service personnel who were buried overseas. The National Archives offers databases of soldiers wounded, prisoners of war, and missing in action during the Korean War.

If you want to acquire your grandfather’s military service record, the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri (, is the source for this information. Veterans or next-of-kin of a deceased veteran may order service records online at  If the veteran or family would like replacement medals for lost service decorations, they can also request them through the National Personnel Records Center.

Genealogy also has a number of listings of military personnel from various counties across the United States, as well as county histories that sometimes profile service members. A fun way to look for information about your grandfather or his unit in action is to browse online issues of the Stars and Stripes newsletter, which is available in the Genealogy section via

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