Book Review: That’s How! by Christoph Niemann

That's How!Have you ever wondered what children are thinking when they ask how something works? 

Well, Christoph Niemann has presented a few silly illustrations in his book That’s How! as a girl asks a young boy how different things work.  In response to her questions, the readers see bright, colorful pictures of how the boy imagines these things working.  

One of the questions that the girl asks is “How does a steamroller work?”  The reader then sees the boy imagining a parrot tickling two bears who are rolling around inside the steamroller.  The girl continues to ask the boy how various things work until the end when she surprises the boy. 

The text of this funny story is simple and bold for young children.  This is a good book to open a conversation with children who are starting to wonder and ask how things work.

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