Linked-In Wednesday: Wordnik

A dictionary that’s fun? Yes, it’s true. 

If you are looking for an online dictionary or thesaurus, Wordnik is a great option. Wordnik fulfills its function as a dictionary comprehensively by giving definitions, pronunciation and etymology from several dictionaries for each word.

If you want to have fun with Wordnik, though, you’ll need to look past the definitions to all of the related content provided. It uses the power of the Internet to provide context and meaning beyond dictionary definitions to delve into how words are currently being used. 

Wordnik pulls together examples of word usage from such diverse sources as The Wall Street Journal and I Can Has Cheezburger. It provides audio and visual content and allows users, or “wordniks” to add content through tagging, comments and lists.

Lovers of language can enjoy the “Word of the Day” or “Random Word” features. You can even sign up to have a “Word of the Day” emailed to you every weekday.

“Wordnik is billions of words, 971,860,842 example sentences, 6,858,548 unique words, 230,003 comments, 175,905 tags, 121,406 pronunciations, 73,186 favorites and 992,558 words in 32,106 lists created by 77,676 Wordniks.” ~

Enriching your online experience one link—and one Wednesday—at a time!

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