Returning e-books before the due date.

Instructions for returning library ebooks on popular devices.

Kindle / Kindle App 

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select Manage Your Kindle
  3. Select Actions > Return this book

Nook/Nook Color/Nook Tablet

  1. Launch Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  2. Select the title you wish to return early
  3. Click on the arrow that appears to the left of the title
  4. Select ‘Return Borrowed Item’


  1. View your library of checked-out titles
  2. Tap edit (top left corner)
  3. Tap Delete (appears to the right)
  4. Select ‘Return and Delete’


  1. Tap and hold the eBook you want to return
  2. Tap ‘Delete’ to display the return options 
  3. Tap ‘Return and Delete’
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6 Responses to Returning e-books before the due date.

  1. Linda says:

    The instructions for iPhone don’t work. When you tap delete, the book is deleted. It does NOT give you an option to Return and Delete.

  2. James says:

    I was away from a wireless connection while on vacation, so my ebook was returned “late.” Will there be a fine?

    • booked says:

      No problem, James. No fines on ebooks. Your ebook was actually “returned” within the system automatically on the due date. When you had access to wifi again, your software updated the information on your device.

  3. Al See says:

    Android instructions above say:
    Tap and hold the eBook you want to return
    Tap ‘Delete’ to display the return options
    Tap ‘Return and Delete’
    On my HTC EVO when I ‘tap & hold’ then press ‘delete’ the only options I get are
    ‘delete’ and ‘cancel’
    When I check “” the book I deleted is still an item out so I am still unable to replace that book with a new one.

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