Book Review: Good Bite Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy edited by Sepideh Saremi

Good BiteAre you tired of the same old meals during the week because you need to fix something easy in a hurry?  Check out this book with quick and delicious recipes from food bloggers you can find on the cooking website, Good Bite

Good Bite Weeknight Meals contains 140 recipes broken down into eight categories: chicken & turkey, beef & lamb, pork, seafood, pasta, vegetarian, soups & stews, and side dishes.  Browsing the recipes and colorful photographs, I thought to myself, this looks delicious, but how can this be easy?  Then I remembered how the book starts off, “a well stocked pantry (and fridge and freezer) will be your best friend.”

Throughout the book readers will find short biographies of the contributing food bloggers, which includes the names of the cooking websites on which they blog.  A couple of people blog for topics such as homemade baby food, picky eaters, and gluten free cooking.  In the book, bloggers also answer questions like “What do you always have in your shopping cart?” and “What’s your favorite kitchen tool?” The bloggers even reveal their favorite secret ingredients and easy technique tips.

Not many of these recipes seem like they will appeal to my three year old, but I do want to test some of these recipes to find out if they can make my weeknight meals more flavorful and expose my son to some different foods. My son likes to help me cook, so who knows, we both might try something new.

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