Library Web Wednesday – Review Books in the Catalog

Review books, movies or music in our catalog! Share your opinion and help others find books (movies or music) to add to their must-read (watch or listen) list.  You could help someone find a new favorite author, movie or band.

Sharing a review is easy.  It only takes a one-time registration, so you can create a username to identify your reviews.

1.Write a Review Search the catalog for a book you’d like to review.


2. Click on “Write a Review” under the picture of the book cover.


3a. To create an account just for your reviews with a unique username, click “Register here!” 









3b. Login with Facebook or Twitter.  You can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account, but if you do this your username for reviews will automatically be your username from Facebook or Twitter.  This will appear on all your reviews. 

4. Once you click “Register here!” all you will need to provide for your account is an email address, a nickname and a password.

6. Click “Register” and you are ready to write reviews. 






Your reviews won’t show up in the catalog the second you post them because they are moderated according to our Social Media Policy, but they will be posted as quickly as we can read them.


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