Book Review: Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller

Squirrel's New Year's ResolutionSquirrel’s New Year’s Resolution, a friendly story written by a Texan, Pat Miller, begins on New Year’s Day, a day on which resolutions are usually made.   However, the main character Squirrel doesn’t know how to make a resolution.

So Squirrel decides to go to the Lonewood Library to find out what is a resolution.  Bear the librarian informs her that, “a resolution is a promise you make to yourself to be better or to help others.”  While conversing with Bear, Squirrel is reminded that her friend Skunk is still sick.

Upon leaving the library, Squirrel goes to help Skunk feel better.  She continues traveling through the forest and seeing her friends, Mole, Turtle, and Porcupine, at different places along the way.  Helping each friend and continuing her search for a resolution leads her to the next friend she visits.

Seeing that all of her friends have resolutions, Squirrel feels bad because she thinks she is the only animal who hasn’t made a resolution. 

Finally, Rabbit, a waitress at the Hidey Hole Diner, helps Squirrel discover that she already has a resolution and didn’t know it.   Check this book out to find out Squirrel’s resolution and why she thinks “it was going to be a very happy New Year.”

The warm colorful pictures illustrated by Kathi Ember portray the forest animals’ resolutions and Squirrel’s quest for her own resolution.

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