Can you tell me how I can find out about cultural organizations and events in Dallas?

There are a number of sources that list concerts, plays, exhibits, and other kinds of arts-related events in Dallas.  A few of the most comprehensive are these:

“The Guide” section from Dallas Morning News, also available on-line at:

Margo Jones

Margo Jones sits on floor among many playscripts 

KERA’s Art and Seek pages:

WRR’s Arts Calendar: (Click on ArtsCenter)

The Fine Arts Division has a number of books related to the history of arts in Dallas, as well as in Texas more broadly.  We can also help you find background information about many of the works that local organizations may perform.  Visit us to find printed music, DVDs or VHS, CDs and LPs; books (scripts) for musicals; screenplays for films; and critical or biographical information about works being performed, artists performing them, or composers, playwrights, and filmmakers who created those works.

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