It is Oscar time again. I was wondering if the History and Social Sciences department had any books about the true stories behind Lincoln, Argo, or any of the other best picture nominees?

Oscar StatuettesYes we do. Let’s take a look at this year’s best picture nominees and some books that History and Social Sciences own about the true story.

Nominee #1 – Zero Dark Thirty – The story about the hunting down and killing of Osama Bin Laden.

History and Social Sciences has an extensive collection of books about the War on Terror, the War in Afghanistan, and Al-Qaeda.

Nominee #2 – Lincoln – The story of how Abraham Lincoln came to choose between ending the Civil War early or securing freedom and citizenship for the Slaves.

Nominee #3 – Argo –  The true story of the audacious plan to rescue US State Department staff trapped in Tehran after the seizure of the US embassy in 1979

While those were the only nominees based on a true story History and Social Sciences has materials about the areas and periods that the other nominiees were set in.

Nominee #4 – Amour (No release date for DVD as of posting) – Set in modern day France it is the story about a long married couple who are beginning to deal with end of life issues.

History and Social Sciences has many materials about life in modern day France as well as books about dying.

Nominee #5 Beasts of the Southern Wild – A storm threatens a small community in the bayou’s of Louisiana and a little girl’s experiences adventure in trying to save it.

Nominee #6 – Django Unchained (Current DVD release date April 16th) –  An odessey through Antebellum America where a freed slave and a bounty hunter try to exact revenge.

Nominee #7 – Les Miserables (Current DVD release date March 22nd) –  Jean Valjean and mid-nineteenth century France (based on the book by Victor Hugo).

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