Love at the Library

Val & LetyWhile legions of library patrons have come to the library over the years in search of romance novels, few have probably walked in the door expecting to find the actual love of their life.  Lingering at the reading tables waiting for Miss or Mr. Right to pull up a chair has likely not ranked high as a probable scheme for finding romance either.   Lucky for library patron, Lety, and librarian, Val, it seems Cupid decided to try something different making an unscheduled visit to the Dallas West Branch library on a Saturday morning late in the Spring of 2001.  Lety had stopped by to visit her friend, the library manager, and Val, a children’s librarian at the time, was scrambling to put together kits for the first day of the Mayor’s Summer Reading program.  Introductions were made and Cupid’s arrow struck its fatal blow – quite a feat considering the hardened armor of Val, a 41 year old committed bachelor – or so he thought!  So unfolded an age old story told many times in so many books that line the shelves.  Lety and Val were wed, in presence of quite a few librarians and other guests, on May 1, 2004.  They have been very happily married since!

Just one more reason to drop by for a visit at your local branch library!

Happy Valentines Day

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