Book Review: Mirror Mirror: a book of reversible verse by Marilyn Singer

Mirror-MirrorApril is chock-full of celebrations and holidays from the regularly celebrated April Fools’ Day to the more obscure (but absolutely deserving) Hairsytlist Appreciation Day (April 25, 2013).  My favorite thing to celebrate in April is National Poetry month because it lasts all month long and brings the spotlight to some of the best examples of modern and traditional writing out there.

One of my new favorites, particularly to share with young audiences, is Marilyn Singer’s Mirror Mirror.  Not only is it cleverly written poetry about traditional fairy tale characters, but it has a fun twist!  Mirror Mirror: a book of reversible verse if filled with poems that mean one thing on the way down and another on the way back up offering different perspectives and meanings depending on the direction you read.

Marilyn Singer gives us this simple example:

A Fairy tale?


A Fairy tale

From Cinderella to the Beauty and the Beast and lots of other favorites in between, this collection of reverso poetry is sure to delight you and your children.  Each poem is illustrated with colorful images depicting both perspectives of the poems, whether they be happy vs. sad, good vs. evil, or just different characters’ stories.

For more wonderful children’s poetry, come visit the Children’s Center (2nd floor @ the Central Library) to browse the 811 section. Your local branch will have some great choices, too, if you can’t make it downtown!

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