Exhibit: Swedish neo-Modernist painter Carl Kohler (1919-2006)

Dallas Public Library and Henry Köhler Present Authorized Digital Prints of Swedish Painter Carl Köhler at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library through August, 2013.

James Joyce - Getting Blind The Humanities and Fine Arts Divisions of the Dallas Public Library have the privilege of presenting some major representative images of authors by Swedish neo-Modernist painter Carl Köhler (1919-2006) now through August on the 3rd Floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library.

The author portraits of Carl Köhler are an amazing achievement. Several critics have noted that he varies his style, palette, and even medium to illuminate the idea of the writer or artist he’s painting. Some are so ethereal as to be almost invisibly lost in a few lines and strokes of the brush, but suddenly come forward exactly as the author had impressed the viewer.  Others are strongly stated and visceral, the way that author’s work lives in the minds of his or her readers. These are Köhler’s visual literary criticisms.

Since 2007 Henry Köhler has devoted OIL portrait of Franz Kafkamuch of his life to spreading the word about his father’s achievements in painting and drawing. Carl’s work was never embraced in his native Sweden and has found some recognition since his death in libraries and cultural venues in the United States and Canada. Henry Köhler feels that the emotional reaction to the portraits by most viewers indicates a talent in need of true recognition.

The Dallas Public Library is pleased to be able to present these images to a new audience and to help in spreading the word about this under-recognized genius. The images will move to the Houston Public Library in September.

Contact the Library at 214-670-1668 for further information. Library hours are at www.dallaslibrary.org.

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