I understand the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy will be this year on November 22. Is the library doing anything to commemorate that tragic day?


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Contact the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division.

The Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division has put together an exhibition on the life, death and legacy of John F. Kennedy using materials contained in its special collections. Some of the materials on display include political cartoons, press coverage of JFK’s visit, an overdue library card issued to assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, artistic renderings of the trial of Jack Ruby and mourner cards left at a memorial to the fallen president.

The exhibit is in the hallway and reading room of the 7th floor of the Central Library through the end of the year.

The Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division contains other material pertaining to Kennedy, including the Kennedy Assassination Collection, John Groth Renderings, Bob Taylor Cartoon Collection, Bill McClanahan Cartoon Collection, and  it participates in the Sixth Floor Museum’s JFK Resource Consortium.

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