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The Film Noir Hitchcock Never Made

Quiz Time OK, kids, today’s quiz is for hardcore film buffs only: which of the following is not a characteristic of film noir? a. rain-slicked streets b. femme fatale c. low-key lighting d. morally iffy hero e. comical cowboy outfits … Continue reading

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I’ve heard stories about the library owning a collection of rare and valuable books kept in a vault. Is that true? Can the public see items in this collection? How do you find out what the library has?

The Dallas Public Library’s Fine Books Division is located on the seventh floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library.  The division was established in 1950 by the Friends of the Dallas Public Library and focuses on three areas of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Snow by Orhan Pamuk

Exploring the many meanings of frozen sky water The novel Snow tells a long and involved story of exploration and return from exile, of longing and happiness and the realization of their impossibility, of the role of God in the … Continue reading

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Does your genealogy department have any information about tracking down individuals that were better known to the police than to reputable sectors of society? Family legend has it that my great grandpa was a rascal who was frequently on the wrong side of the law.

It seems every family has stories they would rather keep from the light of day. Fortunately, the Genealogy Division has a lot of material that may help track down the skeletons in your clan closet.   Here are some books … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nothing like a puffin by Sue Soltis

In Sue Soltis’ first children’s book, Nothing like a puffin, she compares and contrasts a playful puffin with every day items.  Is a puffin unique?  Is it similar to a ladder, a newspaper, or a shovel?  How about a goldfish, snake, … Continue reading

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