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I have an idea for a movie script.  Can the Dallas Public Library help me?

The Dallas Public Library owns several instructional DVDS, including Tales from the Script and the popular The Art of Screenwriting series.  Series volumes cover such topics as adaptation; character; dialogue and description; and narrative and structure. The Dallas Public Library … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

Who Can You Trust? Daniel, the narrator of Tom Rob Smith’s first stand-alone psychological thriller The Farm (after the Child 44 trilogy), is a somewhat unsuccessful landscape designer in London. He thinks that his parents are retired landscape retailers now … Continue reading

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Do you have any suggestions for encouraging young boys to read? Trying to get my son to pick up a book this summer has been like pulling teeth.

Everyone knows that the best way to improve reading skills is by reading, but that can be a tough sell for boys who don’t feel like books have anything interesting to offer them.  The best thing to do is focus … Continue reading

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Book Review: Skunks by Sandra Markle

My son and I recently attended an event at the library where the presenter spoke about a variety of animals including skunks.  This caught my son’s attention immediately, and he wanted to check out books about skunks.   I helped him … Continue reading

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I’ve heard that giving children unpopular names can l have a long-term negative impact on their self-esteem. Do you have books or other resources about naming babies?

The History & Social Sciences Division has a large collection of baby books that can be checked out.  Books like these are useful resources for baby names:   Baby Names 2014: Over 8,000 of This Year’s Favorite Names by Ella Joynes … Continue reading

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