This year, my resolution is to get into better shape, eat better and live a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain. I’ve been struggling for years with an unhealthy lifestyle, and I want to learn from other people who have been in the same boat as me. Can the library help find resources to help me achieve my goals?

Yes, we can! The 5th floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library wants to help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals for 2017, especially when you start to lose momentum from the New Year’s push for making healthy changes. Whether you are a college student looking to avoid the “freshman 15,” a workaholic with little free time, or someone who is interested in making sure your diet is free-trade and organically certified to be a more socially and ecologically conscious consumer, we have resources to guide, encourage, and inspire you along your journey to a healthier you.

Are you starting a specific diet? We have information for check-out on diets from Atkins to the Zone! You can search by subject on the online catalog search to see availability or have materials sent to your home branch for pickup. Also, navigate to the Online Health Resources information page through the Locations tab of the library homepage and select 5th floor Business and Technology from the Central Units pull-down. The Consumer Health and Resources section has links to the USDA National Nutrition Database for Standard Reference as well as the USDA Food Access Research Atlas. Both are tools to understand nutritional data and food access. Or if you prefer to come see us in person, please come by the 5th floor either by elevator or stairs (it’s definitely an exercise opportunity) and we can be your guide to checking out what we have on the floor.

Many of our healthy lifestyle resources are grouped together on the shelves. Discover interesting titles like  The Smart Student’s Guide to Healthy Living, The Overworked Person’s Guide to Better Nutrition,  Designed to Move: the Science-Backed Program to Fight Sitting Disease and Enjoy Lifelong Health, or The Diet Myth: Why the Secret to Health and Weight Loss is Already in Your Gut. And we won’t send you on your way until you have found some supplemental cookbooks that are geared toward healthy, nutritious food to complement the healthy lifestyles that you will be learning about, too.

Following an active lifestyle and nutritious diet plan often make great New Year’s resolutions, but after a few months, people lose interest or give up. Finding an author to inspire you at those low points will help push you through those difficult times and carry some momentum through plateaus in progress. For some people, inspiration comes from learning about others overcoming similar problems; for others, it’s getting clearly-planned activities laid out over the course of weeks and months. Whatever style motivates you, we have those stories and guides available for check-out. Come and learn about what can work for you!


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