Book review: Sting, by Sandra Brown

Unapproachable was Jordie Bennett.

With that face, that body, she could afford to be selective. No two ways about it, she could make just about any man’s mouth water.

Which kinda sucked.

Since Shaw had been hired to kill her.”

Sting, the latest novel by Romance-Suspense master Sandra Brown, turns the typical romance novel formula upside down by showing just how deadly love can be.

Sting begins with a woman walking into a bar. It may sound like a familiar joke, but there’s no punchline here. Not when the bar patrons include hitman Shaw Kinnard and his partner, Mickey Bolden, who are waiting to kill Jordie Bennett.

Bombshell Jordie seems innocent, and by all accounts, she is. It’s her brother Josh who’s run afoul of the notorious crime boss Billy Panella. After partnering with Panella to pull off an investment scam, Josh skips town with $30 million. Now he’s deep underground, hiding from Panella and the FBI. In an attempt to lure Josh out of hiding, Jordie’s become the target of Pinella’s hired guns.

This chance encounter at a seedy bar, however, spares Jordie’s life. Instead of killing her right there, Shaw shoots his partner Mickey and kidnaps Jordie after deciding Jordie was worth more alive than dead. After that, they take off, on the run from Panella and the FBI. Everything isn’t as it seems, however. Shaw soon learns the seemingly innocent Jordie may not be entirely trustworthy. Just who is Jordie Bennett and how much does she really know?

This book features a breakneck, thrilling plot with surprises on nearly every page. Between the twists, secrets, and shocking revelations, I couldn’t put it down.

The moment I laid eyes on you, your life was spared.”

The chemistry between the two leads was palpable. Brown plays Jordie and Shaw off one another expertly- I couldn’t wait to see how their characters developed and where their relationship led.

If you’re looking for a good book to add a little steam in time for Valentine’s Day without all the saccharine sweetness of a typical romance, be sure to pick up Sting.

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