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Film Review: Ride the Pink Horse

Pink Noir? What are the characteristics of Film Noir? Rain-slicked streets, good; seedy characters, good; the city as the breeding ground for evil, good. But what about southwestern small towns? What about southwestern small-town fiestas? What about weird titles involving…oh, … Continue reading

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Night Watch (Better Make That Two Nights)

What’s your reaction when I say “Peter Greenaway?” Do you extend your hand and say “Pleased to make your acquaintance, Peter?” Actually, he’s the British film writer/director responsible for the once-notorious The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, … Continue reading

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Forgotten? Perhaps, But Hardly Rotten

Prospecting for gems among forgotten TV shows is like visiting random run-down restaurants in hopes of finding great barbecue: you can spend a lot of time and make yourself very sick before you get something worthwhile. After all, many forgotten … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Weenie King on Blu-Ray!

When an eagle-eyed colleague of mine reported that Criterion was releasing an edition of one of my favorite films, The Palm Beach Story, next month, I dropped everything, cleaned up the mess, and forthwith set about to inform you–about the … Continue reading

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A Pre-Matrix Matrix

You Slept Through The Matrix Revolutions??? OK, friends, it’s confession time. Confession #1: I saw The Matrix Reloaded before I saw The Matrix. According to some of my friends, this permanently disqualifies any opinions I may have about anything Matrix-related … Continue reading

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