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Forgotten? Perhaps, But Hardly Rotten

Prospecting for gems among forgotten TV shows is like visiting random run-down restaurants in hopes of finding great barbecue: you can spend a lot of time and make yourself very sick before you get something worthwhile. After all, many forgotten … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Weenie King on Blu-Ray!

When an eagle-eyed colleague of mine reported that Criterion was releasing an edition of one of my favorite films, The Palm Beach Story, next month, I dropped everything, cleaned up the mess, and forthwith set about to inform you–about the … Continue reading

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A Pre-Matrix Matrix

You Slept Through The Matrix Revolutions??? OK, friends, it’s confession time. Confession #1: I saw The Matrix Reloaded before I saw The Matrix. According to some of my friends, this permanently disqualifies any opinions I may have about anything Matrix-related … Continue reading

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Not THAT William Holden!

Separated at birth? What’s your favorite William Holden film? Three Faces East, you say? Hah! Gotcha! William Holden isn’t in that film. Except that he is. Allow me to explain. William Holden’s first major film role was in Golden Boy … Continue reading

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An Alfred Hitchcock Pilgrimage

I guess praising director Alfred Hitchcock is de rigueur – a phrase I’m not really sure I understand.  Whatever the case, everyone knows Hitchcock is a great director.  But not everyone knows that he made 54 films (Audience: “Let’s see, there’s … Continue reading

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