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That CAN’T be Maggie Smith!

Judging by the clamor, you’re ready for a follow-up to an earlier post devoted to actors and directors with someone else’s names. Today’s fun involves actors you’ve come to associate with roles of one kind performing in a way you … Continue reading

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Quilting on the Modern Spectrum: Hot, Loud Fun

Hot, loud fun—sounds like an ad for Six Flags, doesn’t it? Well, forget theme parks, at least for this month. We’re talking about quilts here, but quilts that even the most jaded will call art. These are the wildest, most controversial, … Continue reading

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Forward In All Directions!

When someone says “World Music,” I usually think of field recordings. That sounds like a dismissal, yet some of my favorite records fall squarely in that category. But the group I’m here to tell you about is groundbreaking outfit that … Continue reading

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A Holiday Movie For Grownups

I almost used the title “An Adult Holiday Movie,” but that very much sends the wrong message (you think I’ll be recommending Bad Santa–if I’m lucky). I also thought of “The Holiday Movie That Time Forgot,” but that’s an overstatement. … Continue reading

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Pepping? Yes, PEPPING!

Undiscovered Artists, Take Heart It often seems there are good reasons for an artist’s obscurity. Passing over “maybe they weren’t any good” as a good reason, maybe they just didn’t produce much work; maybe they worked in a medium or … Continue reading

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