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An Alfred Hitchcock Pilgrimage

I guess praising director Alfred Hitchcock is de rigueur – a phrase I’m not really sure I understand.  Whatever the case, everyone knows Hitchcock is a great director.  But not everyone knows that he made 54 films (Audience: “Let’s see, there’s … Continue reading

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The Film Noir Hitchcock Never Made

Quiz Time OK, kids, today’s quiz is for hardcore film buffs only: which of the following is not a characteristic of film noir? a. rain-slicked streets b. femme fatale c. low-key lighting d. morally iffy hero e. comical cowboy outfits … Continue reading

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Short Book, Long Sentence

Weird If you follow this blog regularly–and shame on you, if you don’t!–you may have gathered that I like…well, weird stuff.  Movies? I like films by Guy Maddin and Bela Tarr. Music? I like Me First & the Gimme Gimmes. … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Chase Movies

Not Another Silent Movie! Bite your tongue! Silent movies have the potential to tell a story more directly than any other medium.  And Seven Chances (1925) is a silent film featuring the stunt-comedy groudbreaker Buster Keaton: maybe not the man … Continue reading

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“The Wildcat,” and the Woman Who Invented Boots

Quiet! Silent films are generally a hard sell. The acting can be…well, operatic, and there’s also no sound. And generally no color. Most of the stuff we expect from modern movies is not there, but that absence doesn’t have to keep … Continue reading

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