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Meaningful, Rich, Beautiful and Filthy: Three Films by Bela Tarr

OK, he’s not a household name, but neither is Gus Bivona. Bela Tarr is a Hungarian film director who has built his reputation on uncompromising and unfamiliar ways of movie storytelling.  Born into a showbiz family, he started making films … Continue reading

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Get The Most Out Of Your Piano!

I had to look at that twice–at first, I thought it said “Get The Mouse Out Of Your Piano,” which is also a good idea.  Nevertheless, this time I want to call your attention to two piano-related DVDs that may … Continue reading

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One Partridge Whose Goose is Cooked (With Apologies to the Pear Tree Concessionaires)

Well, here we are, right in the middle of the Christmas season.  In the middle, you say? Maybe you’re one of those retailers who think that December 26 is the beginning of the Valentine’s Day season; not so, at least … Continue reading

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Review: Big Photos, Big Books

One Picture is Worth…. A little over a year ago, photographer Andreas Gursky’s Rhein II set a new record for a price paid at auction for a photograph.  Lots of people–many of them photographers–got pretty worked up about it: some … Continue reading

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Exhibit: Mud & Magic: The Mixed-up Art of Tina Weger

Keep that Circus Quiet In There! The Bradshaw Gallery, the art gallery on the Central Library’s 4th floor, hosts shows by artists who are, for the most part, local and otherwise without gallery representation. The month of July features two- … Continue reading

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