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Two Media Pioneers – Good To Meet You!

Since long before Michael Moore turned his camera on gun control and labor relations, I have loved “documentary film,” especially biographies. Two recent additions to the Dallas Public Library’s DVD collection show the “life stories” genre is doing well: they … Continue reading

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Not THAT William Holden!

Separated at birth? What’s your favorite William Holden film? Three Faces East, you say? Hah! Gotcha! William Holden isn’t in that film. Except that he is. Allow me to explain. William Holden’s first major film role was in Golden Boy … Continue reading

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An Alfred Hitchcock Pilgrimage

I guess praising director Alfred Hitchcock is de rigueur – a phrase I’m not really sure I understand.  Whatever the case, everyone knows Hitchcock is a great director.  But not everyone knows that he made 54 films (Audience: “Let’s see, there’s … Continue reading

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Thrillmeister & Societal Fortune Teller: Revisiting Ira Levin

I recently read Ira Levin’s 1967 newborn-Devil, Satanic horror classic Rosemary’s Baby for the first time; I barely put it down for two days straight. It led me to watch the Criterion Collection 1968 film version, starring Mia Farrow and Supporting Actress … Continue reading

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I have an idea for a movie script.  Can the Dallas Public Library help me?

The Dallas Public Library owns several instructional DVDS, including Tales from the Script and the popular The Art of Screenwriting series.  Series volumes cover such topics as adaptation; character; dialogue and description; and narrative and structure. The Dallas Public Library … Continue reading

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