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I am new to the Downtown Dallas area and would love to meet up with people who like to read and talk about what they have read. Is there a book club at the Central Library?

Welcome to Downtown Dallas! Yes, the Central Library’s Downtown Book Club meets the second Thursday of the month and we’re looking for people who love to read and enjoy discussing books. Book club members select and vote on what to … Continue reading

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I was recently eating some pizza and pondering ancient civilizations, when I realized I know very little about the actual guy who inspired the diminutive fictional guy on the pizza box. How might I learn more about Caesar?

Caius Julius Caesar (100 BCE – 44 BCE) is one of the most famous leaders of ancient times. Luckily, the Dallas Public Library has plenty of material to shed some light on this influential figure! The following are a few suggested … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to all of the Dallas Police Memorial items that were in front of Dallas Police Headquarters earlier this year?

On Thursday July 7, 2016, five officers were killed in the line of duty during an ambush in downtown Dallas.  By the next day, mourners began leaving personal items and messages of support at a temporary memorial in front of … Continue reading

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Hey Dallas Public Library, I have two AP tests and an SAT coming up after the holidays and I’d like to use Thanksgiving to cram! I’ve left everything until the last minute and now I don’t know what to do. What can you do to help?

Don’t worry, we’ve got this. We know that the end of the year is also the end of the semester for millions of high school students across the country, so now’s a good time to talk about the difference between … Continue reading

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With all the news of declining honey bee populations, I would like to learn more about bees and how to help them. What materials does the library have that can steer me in the right direction?

Bees play a major role in the production of our food. It is estimated that every third mouthful of human food is dependent on the pollinating services of bees. With news of major die-offs, as has occurred after the spraying … Continue reading

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