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What is the library doing to address the issue of homelessness?

The Dallas Public Library is celebrating the first anniversary of its innovative Homeless Engagement Initiative (HEI). The first year has been a successful and rewarding experience as the library works towards increasing community awareness of homelessness and promoting the public … Continue reading

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What kinds of unique books does the library have? Are there any handcrafted books like the livre d’artiste?

In an age dominated by mass-produced, word-processed books, it’s rare to experience a book in which every aspect of its creation, from the paper to the types of fonts selected, is carefully considered and crafted together as a single work … Continue reading

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I’ve heard that Denton residents will soon vote on whether or not to ban “fracking” in the city. Does the library have any sources that consider both the pros and the cons of fracking?

On November 4, Denton voters will consider a ballot initiative which will ban hydraulic fracturing (also known as “fracing” or “fracking”) within the city limits.  As reported in a recent Dallas Morning News article, voter approval of the measure would … Continue reading

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I heard someone talking the other day about an award for creative geniuses called the MacArthur Fellows Program.  Does the library have any information about the award or the people who have received it?

The library does have many items about and by MacArthur Fellows.  According to their website, these awardees are all “talented individuals who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction… Although nominees are reviewed … Continue reading

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My neighbors have just moved here from China and would like to find some books in Chinese for their children. Does the library have any Chinese language materials?

The Children’s Center does have books in Chinese, as well as in a variety of other languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, German, and French, for children of all ages. Many branch libraries also have foreign language materials. Here are some … Continue reading

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