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Another Criterion Carpet Ride…

It’s time for another quick look at a few of the many “Criterion Collection” feature film DVDs owned by the Dallas Public Library. The Criterion Company makes available the “best of the best” classic and contemporary films, of numerous nationalities. … Continue reading

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The Film Noir Hitchcock Never Made

Quiz Time OK, kids, today’s quiz is for hardcore film buffs only: which of the following is not a characteristic of film noir? a. rain-slicked streets b. femme fatale c. low-key lighting d. morally iffy hero e. comical cowboy outfits … Continue reading

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Historians now tell us that the 1950s weren’t nearly as dull as we’ve assumed. While some Fifties films may not have boasted bells, whistles, and extra-special effects, they nevertheless told some unique and engrossing stories. Look for these examples on … Continue reading

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