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The Mayor’s Summer Reading Club, presented by Walmart Sam’s Club, is an eight-week program designed to keep kids’ skills sharp over the summer and encourage a love of reading for all ages.

Founded in 1993, the Dallas Mayor’s Sumer Reading Club has served over 250,000 children by encouraging them to pick up a book to read during the summer months. The program is based on the belief that regular reading keeps academic skills sharp, inspires curiosity, enhances comprehension and vocabulary, and best of all, puts in place the habit for young people to become lifelong readers and learners!

You and your child/children can sign up for the eight week program at any one of the 29 Dallas Public Library locations, the Dallas Public Library’s Bookmobile or online. Be sure to check dallaslibrary.org for details on free, special Mayor’s Summer Reading Club events and entertainment scheduled at each of the 29 library locations throughout the summer.

Each week from June 6 – August 1 participating young club members will have a chance to earn an incentive prize by reporting what they read to any Dallas Public Library location.

To earn the weekly prize , children ages 0 to 18 must read (or be read to) at least 30 minutes each day.

All readers may report any reading material including books, e-books, audio books and magazines. Suggested reading by age level may also be found on the library website.

Kids who read at least 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks will qualify for the chance to win a grand prize!

Adults can win prizes, too!. Adults modeling good reading habits is a sure way to encourage children to become lifelong readers!

Club members over age 18 will log the books they have read by entering the title and author (or publication) online or at their local branch along with a brief review about what they've read. Two prize drawings for adults will be held during the eight week program. Adults may select which prizes they would like their entries to go toward.

local reader

Donate books to young local readers.

Mayor's Summer Reading Club Online Book Drive

During the eight-week program, Mayor’s Summer Reading Club participants have the chance to earn incentive prizes by reporting how many hours they read. Two of the weekly incentive prizes are new books that are provided to youth club members. Your gift will go directly to purchase these books!

This year the Mayor’s Summer Reading Club is looking for groups and organizations to host book drives to collect brand new books. For more information on how to become involved in a book drive please contact Jenny Brumfield at jbrumfield@thereedsprc.com


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