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Murphy & Bolanz Maps 1837-1861 Map of Dallas
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Historic Texas Maps

This collection includes approximately 5,000 maps of Dallas, Texas, and Texas communities and ranges in date from the Spanish Colonial era to the present. Specialized holdings include Sanborn Fire Insurance and property ownership maps as well as a comprehensive collection of Dallas street maps. The most frequently requested maps have been reproduced on Mylar for patron use, and full-size copies are available for a nominal fee (minimum $19.50).

To look at lists of maps, you may view or download our guide to map collections at Dallas History & Archives, or visit our searchable database. The database now includes online access to about 100 of our most reqested maps.

In addition to our general map collection, an entire map collection of early Dallas block and addition books has been scanned and is keyword searchable. Please visit our Murphy and Bolanz pages.