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Map of Old City Park MURPHY & BOLANZ
Block and Addition Books
Dallas County 1880-1920

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This site is an online version of the Murphy & Bolanz collection, a manuscript collection consisting of real estate maps of Dallas and surrounding communities. The Murphy & Bolanz Company was an early Dallas real estate development firm established in 1874 (and exists today as Bolanz & Miller). The collection includes three addition books, six block books, and an index. The firm used these volumes to trace and record the growth of Dallas. The collection consists of approximately 3,500 maps, or about 400 maps per volume. This site was made possible by a generous grant from the TexTreasures program administered by the Texas State Library & Archives and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Select the "About this site" link to the left to find out more about the collection.

You can access images in three ways. You can search the collection by street name, addition name, personal name, building name, railroad, or a geographic feature (creek, etc.). You can also use one of the two indexes. The index that was part of the original collection has been transcribed and is available. Also, we created a block index if you know the city block number(s) you are researching. In addition, we scanned 10 loose maps and sheets as a separate Miscellaneous Pages section. These pages were found loose and did not seem to fit anywhere else in the collection. To view the maps, you will need to download the DjVu plug-in, which is available free from Celartem Technologies Inc. Select the "download" link to the left to download the plug-in. For more information about the plug-in, see the "How To Use This Site" link.