1600 Pacific 1600 Pacific 1600 Pacific 1600 Pacific

1600 Pacific

Address: 1600 Pacific Avenue
Architect: Harwood K. Smith & Partners, with Dales Foster
Year Built: 1965

Also known as: LTV Tower
National Bank of Commerce Building

This 33-story building has been called the LTV Tower/National Bank of Commerce Building. Original tenants were LTV (Ling - Temco - Vought), National Bank of Commerce, Electro-Science Investors, and American Life Insurance Company. The building was often lit with signs (usually spelling "LTV") at night, and even had a figure of Big Tex in lights during the State Fair. Dresser, Inc., bought the building in 1975.

The building has had problems through the years. A section of brick fell off during construction, and a 9-ton piece fell off in 1985.

In 1996, Dallas-Minnesota LLC bought the building. In 2005, 3J Development of California purchased the building, intending to convert it into residences. Initial plans designed by BGO Architects included 370 apartments and balconies on every unit above the fifth story. Lockey Capital purchased the buiding in 2007 with renewed interest in the building conversion. The company plans to retain the original residential architectural plans.

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