211 North Ervay 211 North Ervay 211 North Ervay 211 North Ervay

211 North Ervay

Address: 211 North Ervay
Architect: Thomas E. Stanley
Year Built: 1958

Leo F. Corrigan built this 18-story office building. It included azure and aquamarine panels on the façade, typical of 1950s office construction where architects wanted to add "color" to otherwise bland urban skylines. It was a general office building used by a variety of tenants, though it seemed to be a favorite for insurance companies, law firms, and aviation-related companies.

By 1995, the building was completely vacant. The City of Dallas proposed to tear it down in 2004 to make a park, but the plans fell through. 3J Development bought the building and announced plans to convert it into residences in 2005. The building continuted to sit vacant, however, and in 2007 Lockey Capital purchased the building, with renewed interest in the building's redevelopment.

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