Interstate Forwarding Company Building Interstate Forwarding Company Building

3200 Main Street

Address: 3200 Main Street
Architect: ?
Year Built: 1913

Also known as: Interstate Forwarding Company

B. D. Milam and E. C. Connor built this building as the first US Customs warehouse in Dallas. This 6-story, Chicago-style, building was billed as absolutely fireproof. The exterior is made with red and ironspot bricks and concrete. Milam and Connor also owned the neighboring Lincoln Paint and Color Building, built in 1910. The Dallas Chamber of Commerce lobbied for three years to have Dallas named a port of entry, which happened in January 1913 as one of President Taft's last acts in office. In addition to being the Customs Warehouse, the building also served as home to the Interstate Forwarding Company until they built their own warehouse in the 1920s. Goodyear Tire also used the warehouse until 1929.

During the Depression, the building was empty, then a series of tenants used the building, including life as an art gallery in the 1980s. Undermain Properties bought it in 1989, and it became home to the Undermain Theater.

It was adapted for residential use in 1991 by Graham Greene & RTHL to include 28 residential units, keeping theater and art galleries on 1st floor. The building became a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1991 and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. It is also a City of Dallas Landmark.

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