Farm & Ranch Lofts Farm & Ranch Lofts

Elm Street Lofts - Farm & Ranch Building

Address: 3300 Main Street
Architect: F. J. Woerner & Co.
Year Built: 1919

Also known as: Holland's

Franklin Pierce Holland founded the Texas Farm & Ranch Publishing Company in 1882 in Austin and moved to Dallas in 1885. The company built this building to house the editorial and production offices of its two publications, Holland's and Farm & Ranch magazines. In 1945, Carr P. Collins bought the company and immediately sold it to Brownlee Currey of Nashville, TN, and Farm & Ranch moved its publishing offices there. In 1949, Farm & Ranch merged with Southern Horticulture, and production of the magazine moved to Indiana. Hugh Wolfe bought Holland's magazine in 1952 and kept the editorial offices in this building, but the printing equipment was sold to a Chicago publisher.

After Farm & Ranch closed, the building was used by the USDA, Randazzo, Inc., Kee Lox Manufacturing, and Help Unlimited before being vacant for more than a decade. Westdale Asset purchased tbe building in 2007.

Graham Greene adapted the building for residential use in 1997. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999 and is a City of Dallas Landmark.

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