Fidelity Union Towers Fidelity Union Towers Fidelity Union Towers Fidelity Union Towers

Fidelity Union Towers - Mosaic Building

Address: 1509 Pacific Avenue
Architect: Wyatt C. Hedrick (Hedrick & Stanley Architects)
Year Built: 1952

Also known as: Mayflower Building
Mosaic Building

The buildings were the home for the Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company. The first tower was built in 1952 at 21 stories, and the second tower, at 31 stories, was added in 1960. The second tower has also been called the Mayflower building because it was built by Mayflower Investment Co.

Fidelity Union vacated the building in 1985, and Texas Power & Light, the other major tenant, moved out in 1992. The complex laid vacant until Hamilton Properties Corporation bought it in 2004, rechristening it as The Mosaic. The renovation included construction of 440 apartments with interiors designed by three celebrated architects: Ike Isenhour, Stanley Ray, and MAA. The grand opening of the residences occurred in 2007.

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