Historic Downtown Residences

Metropolitan at 1200 Main

Address: 1200 Main Street
Architect: Charles Colbert of New Orleans and Harold A. Berry & Associates of Dallas
Year Built: 1972

Also known as: Main Tower

Unit, Inc. and Vince Corozza built this 25-story, modern office building as "1200 Main Tower." The architect Colbert also designed the neighboring One Main Place building. Major tenants included the federal government, primarily to consolidate office of the Health, Education and Welfare department.

In 1996, the federal offices moved to a new building, leaving the tower mostly vacant. TPMC Realty Corp. remodeled the building in 1998.

In 2005, Rockwood Realty hired Corgan & Associates to renovate the building into condominiums. Sales began in 2005 on 283 condos.

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