Purse Building Purse Building Purse Building

Purse Building

Address: 601 Elm Street
Architect: H. A. Overbeck
Year Built: 1905

Also known as: Parlin and Orendorff

This 6-story Chicago Italianate style building was originally used by the Parlin and Orendorff Implement Company, who sold agricultural implements. The building was the only one in the city with a cast iron façade. In 1928, Hall & Purse Co. became the main tenant, and the company later changed its name to Purse & Company Wholesale Furniture.

The building, listed on the National Register, has been vacant since 1994. Dallas County was the last tenant, having bought the building in 1978.

A partnership between Barker-Nichols, LLC, and Le Sare Carter announced in October 2005 plans to renovate the building into loft apartments and retail space. Gary Pitts of BGO Architects is working on the design of the renovation.

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