Titche-Goettinger Building Titche-Goettinger Building Titche-Goettinger Building Titche-Goettinger Building Titche-Goettinger Building

Titche-Goettinger Building

Address: 1900 Elm Street
Architect: Greene, Laroche & Dahl
Year Built: 1929

This Renaissance Revival building, with Art Deco detailing inside, was built for the Titche-Goettinger Department Store, which used to be in the Wilson Building. Titche-Goettinger started in 1902 when Edward Titche, owner of the Edward Titche Company department store, partnered with Max Goettinger. Together, Titche and Goettinger built one of the largest department stores in the Southwest. Thomas, Jameson & Merrill built an addition to the store in 1955.

Allied Stores, owners of the Joske's chain of department stores, bought Titche-Goettinger in 1979, and the downtown store took on the Joske's name. The store closed in 1986, shortly before Dillards Corp. bought out Joske's. In 1994, Graham Greene (Meckfessel Associates) renovated part of the building as the Dallas Education Center. In 1996, the building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Oglesby-Green adapted the rest of the building in 1997, creating 129 apartments and retail space.

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  • Titche-Goettinger. 1955. [338.76165 T617 1955].
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