Wilson Building Wilson Building Wilson Building Wilson Building Wilson Building

Wilson Building

Address: 1612 Main Street
Architect: Sanguinet & Staats
Year Built: 1903

Also known as: Titche-Goettinger (1903-1929);
H. L. Green's Department Store (1929-1997)

J. B, Wilson, a wealthy Dallas cattleman, built this French Renaissance/Second Empire (Beaux Arts) style building, modeled after the Paris Grand Opera House. Craftsman from all over the country came to contribute to the building finish, exterior and interior, with a mahogany and marble interior finish. It was the first eight-story building in Texas. The building originally housed the Titche-Goettinger department store on the bottom floor, with the upper floors used as office space. In 1911, Sanguinet & Staats built a twelve-story annex to the building, which was raised five floors in 1957.

H. L. Green's Department Store was the main tenant after Titche-Goettinger left for its new location in 1929. H. L. Green's was called by many the "poor man's Neiman Marcus" in reference to the upscale department store across Main Street. In 1979, the building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. McRory Corp., owner of H. L. Green's and the building, considered tearing it down in the 1980s. Green's closed in 1997.

Post Properties converted the building into retail space and 135 apartments, designed by Corgan & Associates. The building re-opened in Summer 1999 when the first tenants moved in. In 2008, Forest City Enterprises, redevloper of the Mercantile Bank, purchased the building.

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