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Downtown Branch

J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, 1st floor | 1515 Young Street | Dallas, TX 75201
cccref@dallaslibrary.org | 214-670-1700

Service Services - Limited Vision and Hard of Hearing

Kurzweil Reading Edge: This machine scans and reads aloud most printed matter in Spanish or English. Please ask a librarian for memory card and headphones.

Humanware Color Clearview page magnifier: This is a raised monitor that magnifies an item held below with the option to change the colors of the display and narrow the display for more clarity.

ADA computer with Zoomtext and Jaws: This computer is equipped with Zoomtext which magnifies the screen to a desired scale and the JAWS screen reader which will read aloud highlighted or chosen text. Please ask a librarian for a reservation for this computer.

TTD/TTY telephone: Please call 214-670-1716 to speak with a librarian using a text telephone.

Large Print Books: Large print materials include fiction, mysteries, westerns, mysteries and a variety of non-fiction titles with special emphasis on inspirational works, biographies, health and retirement planning.

Audiobooks: This highly popular area includes fiction titles and nonfiction titles with an emphasis in psychological motivation, business motivation, languages, history and biography. Current Collection is the only library unit with language instruction tapes.