Individual Collections

Stanley Marcus Christmas Book Collection

A "Christmas book" may be anything from a piece of paper to a bound volume. Typographers and designers competed with each other to produce the highest quality, most attractive keepsakes, and Christmas books were traditionally printed in very limited editions. They were rarely sold, but rather published as mementos to be distributed privately to friends during the Christmas season. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marcus collected Christmas books over a twenty-year period and donated the 615-volume collection to the Dallas Public Library in 1978.

Encino Press Collection

Once described as a "renaissance hombre," William D. "Bill" Wittliff established Encino Press in Austin, Texas in 1964 to produce books that both met his standards for quality design and were commercially profitable. Wittliff, who also worked as a photographer, screenwriter, and director, brought a well-honed visual sensibility to the volumes produced by this Texas regional press. John Graves' Blue & Some Other Dogs, published in 1984, was the last volume produced by Encino Press. The volumes in this collection are listed in the online catalog.

Carl Hertzog Collection

Known as the "Printer at the Pass," El Paso typographer, book designer, and publisher Carl Hertzog (1902-1984) had a prolific career spanning more than sixty years. Although he was involved in commercial printing endeavors during his early career, Hertzog developed a strong preference for fine printing and typographic perfection, which he was able to realize when he began freelance work in 1947. In 1952, Hertzog became the founding director of Texas Western Press, where many of his fine regional works were produced. There is probably no "complete" collection of Hertzog’s work, but the group assembled here contains a good cross-section of his work including such notable titles as Peleliu Landing by Tom Lea, Calendar of Twelve Travelers: Through the Pass of the North (1946), and the saddle blanket edition of Lea’s The King Ranch.

Limited Edition Club Collection

The Limited Editions Club got its start in 1929 when founder George Macy began publishing finely-made limited editions of beloved, classic Western literature and offering them to club members at reasonable prices. In addition to well-appointed bindings, well-known artists and illustrators of the twentieth century illustrated the works. Although L.E.C. volumes are still published today, the Fine Books holdings include a majority of the works published between 1929 and 1983. The bulk of this collection was purchased to form a core fine books collection when the Library first establish the division.

Typophiles Chap Books

The Typophiles are a group of professionals involved in the graphic arts. They began printing keepsake volumes that evolved into a series of small-edition bound book, each on a single theme related to typography and the printing arts. Beginning in 1940, the chap book volumes were numbered, and the Fine Books collection holds numbers one through 49, covering the years 1940 to 1974. The Dun Emer Press published these volumes.

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