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Dallas Public Seed Library

Join us for the debut of the Dallas Public Seed Library on March 18th, 1pm - 3pm! We’ll explain the seed library, learn the basics of seed saving, enjoy refreshments, and swap seeds!

There is a circulating collection of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds located on the 6th floor of the Central Library!

Farmers and home gardeners have been saving and sharing seeds with each other for thousands of years. Unfortunately the tradition has been largely abandoned over the past 100 years. Here are some reasons to start saving and sharing again:

  • To develop plant varieties that are uniquely adapted to our local climate and growing conditions
  • To increase agricultural biodiversity
  • To ensure the resilience of our food supply
  • To become more self-sufficient as individuals and a community

We invite you to check-out seeds from us and plant them in your garden. After the harvest, we encourage you to let your plants "go to seed," and return some of those seeds to the library.

Donations help keep our collection sustainable, but we don't require borrowers to return seed to us - especially those who are new to gardening. However, if you would like to learn how to save seeds, we can help. We offer books and other resources for checkout, as well as workshops on various gardening topics.

You can email government@dallaslibrary.org to be added to our email list and kept up to date on developments related to the seed library!

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