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Find books in different languages

The Dallas Public Library has books and media in many languages. Here is a partial list:

Afrikaans Bulgarian French Hebrew Igbo Punjabi Spanish Urdu
Arabic Chinese German Hindi Italian Polish Swahili Vietnamese
Aramaic Danish Greek Hmong Japanese Portuguese Swedish Wolof
Bambara Dutch Gujarati Icelandic Korean Russian Tamil  


How can I find a book in a language other than English?

  • Type http://catalog.dallaslibrary.org in your computer's Internet address window to retrieve the library's catalog page.

  • Type in the search window the language you want to search followed by "language materials", for example, French language materials or Arabic language materials or Hindi language materials, etc.
  • Click on the drop down menu and choose SUBJECT HEADING.
  • Click on FIND

You will retrieve a list of books and media in the language you searched. Since DVDs have several languages, search for DVDs using the following search key and then click on KEYWORD, for example, Dvd and Arabic or dvd and Japanese or dvd and hindi


Which library has it?

Book Icon Sa‘dawi, Nawal. Mudhakkirat tabibah / Nawal al-Sa‘dawi. 1999.

Book Icon Sa‘dawi, Nawal. Kanat hiya al-ad‘af : qisas / Nawal al-Sa‘dawi. 1994.

Book Icon Hippocrene children's illustrated Arabic dictionary : English-Arabic, Arabic-English / [compiled and translated by the editors of Hippocrene Boooks]. c1999.
DPL CATALOG [492.7321 H667 1999]

Click on the blue DPL CATALOG [F] under the book you want, to see which branch or Central Library unit owns the book.


Can I reserve it?

If you have a library card, you can place a request on an item.


What if I want material the Library does not have?

You must have a Dallas Public Library card or a TexShare card to borrow a book from the Dallas Public Library. (If you do not live in Dallas, ask your local library for a  TexShare card, which allows you to borrow books from any other library that participates in the TexShare program.)

If the library does not have the books you want, you can request a book through InterLibrary Loan, a free service provided by the Texas State Library. Ask a librarian to show you how to do this so you can do it from your home computer, or have a librarian make the request for you.