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Research: Subject Guides

Subject Guides

About Subject Guides

Subject guides are pathfinders that can help you research certain topics at the library or from home. They include information about how to access specific resources the library as well as links to websites and organizations you can trust.

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Subject Guides by Category

Financial Help

Financial Help (includes housing and health care)

Financial Literacy
Affordable Housing
Financial Crisis Resources
Government Grants
Help with Health Care
Start a Small Business
Start a Nonprofit

How To...

How to... (online tutorials)

Video Tutorials: Using the catalog, Renewing materials, and more
Dallas Public Library's YouTube Channel
How to create an email address
How to apply for a job with the City of Dallas
How to search for historic photographs

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Alternative Energy
Air Quality Debate
Climate Change
Research the environmental history of land

Local Info

Local Information

Building a Better Neighborhood
Dallas Directories
Community Information Database

Historical Reference

Historical Reference

Research the history of a building
Manuscript Collection Finding Guides
How to find historic photographs in the library's catalog
Researching environmental history of land

Government Info

Government Related (includes citizenship)

Becoming a Citizen
(Hacerse Ciudadano)
Government Grants
Immigration Reform
Municipal Reference
Social Security Reform
Voter information
Find missing persons