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Texas Center for the Book

Letters About Literature Essay Contest 1998
Level One Winner
Anthony Ramirez's Letter to Patricia Beckham and Marietta Biddle About Their Book Dyslexia Training Program Student's Book

Dear Patricia Beckham and Marietta Biddle:

Thank you for developing and writing the Dyslexia Training Program Student's Book as well as the Scottish Rite process. It changed my life in more ways than you could imagine. The book goes through many different stages. It starts off easy with vowels and consonants and your ABCs. It uses long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds. Things that were used in the book were breves for short vowel sounds, macrons for long vowel sounds, and accents. By the end of the book, I could spell out words without mixing them up and finally be able to read.

One way your book changed my life is it helped me to memorize stuff. I am able to write essays. I can also read whenever I want to. This year, 1997, I was able to read my first book because of your book and program. It was hard for me to read in class in my textbooks. Now I am ready to go in action and read.

Before I could read, I felt very embarrassed. I mean, everybody was just talking away, knowing what they were doing. And me? I was always stuttering. It feels bad when you are not able to read. How would you feel if you were in my shoes? I bet you would feel bad. I know I do; well, I used to.

Now I am able to pick up a book, open it, and read it all on my own. It makes me feel very proud of myself, and your book made me achieve this goal. In class, I donít stutter unless I get confused. At school it is easy for me to read outloud because I am not embarrassed. I am very proud of myself because I can read on my own. I have more self-confidence all the time.

Your book taught me how to read and now I can. Believe me when I say it has changed my life. Things now in my life seem a lot easier. It seems easier now than when I was seven. (I am eleven now.) That is when we found out I was dyslexic. I can also read other places besides in school. I can read newspapers, magazines, books on gun safety, and other different kinds of reading materials. Thank you for writing the Dyslexia Training Program Student's Book. Now I can finally do things I was not able to do.

Most sincerely,

Anthony Ramirez