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Texas Center for the Book

Letters About Literature Essay Contest 2003
Level One Winner
Katie Adams
Dripping Springs Intermediate School, Dripping Springs

Dear Ms. Creech,

I loved your book, Walk Two Moons! It changed the way I felt about the world and life itself. It inspired me to keep on hoping and to prepare myself for losses, as every life has some. Your book inspired me because when Gram died, it made me realize how precious life is. I decided that I didn't want to waste my life on things for myself. It gave me wings because when I read your book, which related to life, I thought of all the selfish things I had done, and the few nice things I had done for other people. Since I read Walk Two Moons, I have started going to the nursing home to visit with the people there each month, and in December, I am going to Walmart to shop with them. I also participated in canned food drives for the Senior Citizens' Cottages in my county. I don't do all this alone; I do this with my class. I now, also, collect presents for the State School. Every time I go to the park, I pick up trash. Now that I've read your book, Walk Two Moons, I seem to enjoy these things more.

One of the reasons I was inspired by Walk Two Moons is that your characters were so real. The way you made Phoebe seem paranoid, and the way you could never tell what Ben would do next, was really interesting. Since it seemed so real to me, it caused me to think about life and what might happen to me in my future.

I, for one, have been inspired by Walk Two Moons. I think you make a wonderful author, with your blend of serious, but very realistic, events. I think it would be very interesting to meet you in person because you seem very intriguing. You can make even the most resistant reader entranced by your books, especially Walk Two Moons, because you seem to base your events on real life with a touch of spice. This captures many people's interest, and your book has an impact on most of them once they finish reading it. When you write something that seems so real, it causes the reader to start thinking about other people in the past, and what they had said and done to those others.

When I read your book, I always seemed to find myself daydreaming. It wasn't that your book was boring, but that it made me think about so many things that I had done in my life, and how much I could do to make a difference. I was ashamed of all the inconsiderate things I had done, and also how few things I had done for others.

I feel very happy now as a result of doing things for others. I want to thank you for opening up the "new me" which was buried under the "old me." You can do that sort of thing through books. Of course, you have to be a good author to do that. Your book Walk Two Moons helped me become a more polite and respectful person because it showed me what life is really about. I hope that you keep writing your books, for me, and many other people. Thank you for being an inspiring author.


Katie Adams

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