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Volunteer Opportunities at the Dallas Public Library

Special Programs

The Dallas Public Library has a variety of special programs and events throughout the year that welcome the participation of volunteers.

  • Monthly Book Sale at BookEnds (Downtown Central Library used book store). Volunteers are needed every third weekend to prepare and arrange materials for sale.

  • Personal Resume Assistance Program (year round). Help library customers create or polish their personal resume at our Job Resource Center and other special events. Volunteer tasks include: One on one assistance, classroom facilitator, and classroom assistant.

  • Literacy Programs

    • Children’s Program Assistant - will conduct storytimes, craft activities and other library and literacy-related activities with children 3-8 years old while the children’s parents attend an adult literacy class at Dallas Public Library locations. Special training provided.

    • ESL Volunteers – lead or assist with 12-week English as a Second Language instruction classes on Saturdays in the fall and spring semesters. Special training provided.

    • GED Assistants – work one-on-one or with small groups to prepare students for GED subject tests at a library “guided instruction” center or manage GED class material, including sign-in process, book and calculator check-out, and personal instruction forms for GED guided instruction classes. Special training provided.

    • Testing Assistants – assist with GED placement testing and grading at the Central Library on the first Saturday of the month. Special training provided.

For more information on volunteering for literacy programs and events please contact the literacy coordinator: literacy@dallaslibrary2.org

To support Dallas Public Library literacy programs, visit The Friends of the Dallas Public Library at www.fodpl.org

Additional Projects and Opportunities

Ambassador Program

Ambassadors represent a cross-section of the City of Dallas. No formal qualifications are required but our Ambassadors are friendly, enthusiastic individuals who enjoy working with diverse groups of people. They are volunteers who willingly give of their time to advance the many services provided by the Dallas Public Library.

For more information on becoming one of our Ambassadors please send us an email: volunteer@dallaslibrary2.org.

Central Library Bookstore

We are looking for volunteers for a variety of projects at BookEnds, the library's used book store. Projects may include sorting and shelving books as well as preparing books for sale.

A brief training and orientation is provided.

For more information on becoming one of our Central Library Greeters please send us an email: volunteer@dallaslibrary2.org

Central Library Greeter

We are looking for library lovers, people who enjoy welcoming customers to the Central library, and can assist them with basic directions to floor locations, special exhibits, program events, children's activities, and other information.

A brief training and orientation is provided.

For more information on becoming one of our Central Library Greeters, please send us an email: volunteer@dallaslibrary2.org

Unique Skill Sets/Experience

If you have special training and skills in marketing, statistics, web development, grant writing, editing, mentoring teens, teaching basic computer classes, working with AV equipment, teaching ESL classes, or other areas of expertise, we have volunteer opportunities for you.

Please contact the volunteer office for more information: volunteer@dallaslibrary2.org

To get a schedule or to register for the next New Volunteer Orientation please call 214-670-7809.

Volunteer Orientations

Court-Ordered Volunteers

All court ordered community service volunteers must call The Volunteer Center of North Texas at 214-821-8711 ext.410 to register for and complete orientation before volunteering for the Dallas Public Library. The Volunteer Center of North Texas will conduct the orientation at their office, located at 2800 Live Oak Street, Dallas, Texas 75204 and provide information on Dallas Public Library locations and contact numbers.

Community Outreach Volunteers

Community Outreach (non-court ordered) volunteers 14 and older must call one of our branch locations listed below and register for volunteer orientation. Please ask for the contact person listed below.

Arcadia Park May Shen 670-6446 1st Tuesday @ 2pm 1302 North Justin Ave, 75211
Audelia Road Martin Moomaw 670-1350 2nd Saturday @ 10:30am 10045 Audelia Road, 75238
Bachman Lake Lin Lim 670-6376 2nd Saturday @ 10:30am 9480 Webb Chapel Rd, 75220
Dallas West Ashley Mackifield 670-6445 1st Thursday @ 6pm 2332 Singleton Blvd, 75212
Forest Green Robin Swaringen 670-1335 4th Saturday @ 2:30pm 9015 Forest Lane, 75243
Grauwyler Park Patty Ramirez 671-1447 2nd Wednesday @ 11am 2146 Gilford Street, 75235
Hampton-Illinois Anita Merriweather 670-7646 3rd Saturday @ 11am 2951 S. Hampton Rd, 75224
Highland Hills LaTressa Milburn 670-0987 Saturdays @ 12pm 6200 Bonnie View Rd, 75241
Kleberg-Rylie Chris Gifford 670-8471 2nd Saturday 10:30 1301 Edd Road, 75253
Lakewood Andrew Rivera 670-1376 4th Saturday @ 10:30am 6121 Worth Street, 75214
Lancaster-Kiest (Dunbar) Sharon McCollins 670-1952 1st Saturday @ 10:30 am 2008 East Kiest Blvd, 75216
Lochwood Dianne Walker 670-8403 3rd Saturday @ 10:30am 11221 Lochwood Blvd, 75218
Martin Luther King Ora Hankins 670-0344 4th Friday @ 4:30pm 2922 M. L. King Jr. Blvd 75215
Mountain Creek Lela Fletcher 670-6704 2nd Thursday @ 5pm 6102 Mountain Creek Pkwy, 75249
North Oak Cliff Cade Holmes 670-7555 3rd Tuesday @ 6:30pm 302 West Tenth Street, 75208
Oak Lawn Matthew Shank 670-1359 1st Saturday @ 10:30 am 4100 Cedar Springs Rd 75219
Park Forest Stevan Fagg 670-6333 1st Saturday @ 4:30pm 3421 Forest Lane, 75234
Pleasant Grove Patrick Reilly 670-0965 2nd Wednesday @ 6pm 7310 Lake June Road, 75217
Polk Wisdom Aninoricthe Ellis 670-1947 2nd Thursday @ 6pm 7151 Library Lane, 75232
Prairie Creek Benita Bocanegra 671-0410 Saturdays @ 11am 9609 Lake June Rd., 75217
Preston Royal Sharon Neicheril 670-7128 2nd Wednesday @ 6:30pm 5626 Royal Lane, 75229
Renner Frankford Mei-Wan Chang 670-6100 1st Tuesday @ 5pm 6400 Frankford Road, 75252
Skillman Southwestern Elena Selles 670-6078 4th Friday @ 10:30am 5707 Skillman Street, 75206
Skyline Renita Brown 670-0938 3rd Thursday @ 7pm 6006 Everglade Road, 75227
Timberglen David Fettke 671-1365 3rd Friday @ 5pm 18505 Midway Road, 75287
White Rock Hills Shannon Enriquez 670-8443 3rd Thursday @ 6pm 9150 Ferguson Rd, 75228
Central Library Angie Bartula 670-7809 Call for
1515 Young Street, 75201