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With over one million photographs in our collection, we're bound to have a few we can't identify. Take a peek at our online gallery. If you can identify a person or a place, please give us a call at 214-670-1435 or email us at texas@dallaslibrary.org.

Photo 1

Time frame: 1970
About this photo: Restaurant and sports bar in Dallas, location unknown.
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Photo 2

Time frame: 1958
About this photo: Fundraising event for new St. Paul Hospital Building. Travis T. Wallace, president of the Great American Reserve Insurance Company, in center.
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Photo 3 - New!

Time frame: 1957
About this photo: Crowds of children outside Preston Center run while looking up at the sky. Ellen Amirkhan of Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. hypothesizes that the children are looking out for the '57 tornado. Others suggest the children may be rushing towards a helicopter carrying a popular celebrity.
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Photo 4

Time frame: late 1950s
About this photo: Left to right: Micheaux [Michaux] Nash; Bishop Gorman with Texas Catholic newspaper; Ed Haggar; unidentified. Photograph partially identified with thanks to Steve Landregan, Diocese of Dallas archivist, Peter Kurilecz, and Cave Johnson.
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