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Strategic Plan Process


The Dallas Public Library is preparing a Strategic Plan, which has a three to five year horizon. Preparation of the Plan is guided through a unique process represented in the Project Roadmap. The Plan is scheduled for completion in Spring 2016. The preparation of the Plan involves significant community input described below.

Project Background

The strategic plan will guide the Library's activities over the next three to five years. The plan will identify a few powerful, high-level themes that address community needs both citywide and in each branch service area.

The Strategic Plan is being prepared using a well defined process, displayed in the Project Roadmap. This process integrates the Library's desire to engage the community through a variety of means to build awareness, advocacy and support, and to lay the foundation for future funding scenarios. The Project Roadmap has 26 specific tasks, from start to finish. Reading the Project Roadmap is easy:

  • The left-most 'column' represents groups of participants who will make it all happen:

    • Authority: Library Board and City Council
    • Leadership: Library strategic planning Coordination Team
    • Catalyst: Consulting firm's retained for the project: CIVICTechnologies and Ideation Collaborative
    • Influence: library users, community partners, stakeholders, advocates, Library Leadership Team, and other library staff

  • The bar along the top represents the schedule for preparing the Strategic Plan
  • The circles in the body of the Project Roadmap represent specific activities, their logical sequencing, and their interrelationships - all designed to achieve a coherent flow of data gathering, information development and analysis, exploration and discovery, and ultimately informed decision-making
Project Roadmap

A slide show has been prepared to introduce you to the approach we're taking to preparing the Strategic Plan.

Key features of the Strategic Plan include community input at various stages of the planning process and interactive work sessions with the Library's staff Leadership Team and other staff input. The project is guided and managed by the Library's Coordination Team including the director Jo Giudice and three assistant directors.



The Strategic Plan started in late August 2015 and will be completed in the Spring of 2016. The schedule is displayed near the top of the Project Roadmap.


Current updates

December 2016: we're launching this public webpage to keep you informed about the Strategic Plan and its progress. At the beginning of this month, we'll be working on specific tasks displayed in the Project Roadmap: Task 9 Develop Gap Analysis, Task 10 Review Opportunity Analysis, and Task 11 Confirm Opportunity Analysis at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on December 8. Later in December the consultants will be starting work on Task 12 Facilitate Strategy Workshop and Task 13 Facilitate Service Planning Workshop, which will take place in January 2016.


Ways to give input

The strategic plan will guide the Library's activities over the next three to five years. The plan will identify a few powerful, high-level themes that address community needs both citywide and in each branch service area.

To date the Library's Strategic Planning consultants have organized multiple community input methods including:


Library contact for Strategic Plan questions

Jo Giudice, Director



How can I give my input?

We encourage your input; please see "Ways to give input" or contact dpldir@dallascityhall.com.

What is the project timeline?

The plan will be completed in the Spring of 2016. Please see the Project Roadmap for more detailed information.

How do I get more information about the strategic planning process?

First, we encourage you to review the Project Roadmap. Then, please send an email with your question(s) to the Library's Strategic Planning consultants at dallas@librarystrategy.com.

What are the major elements of the project?

As displayed in the Project Roadmap, there are three major phases: analytics, strategy, and plan. Each of these phases has a number of specific tasks and work products. Generally, the strategic plan is prepared task by task, although sometimes the work on various tasks overlaps other tasks.

Is the strategic plan being prepared using an interactive process?

Yes, the Strategic Plan is being prepared using an interactive process that involves both the public and staff. Public input is achieved through insight interviews, focused conversations, community forums, an online survey, branch site visits and casual conversations, and participating in other project tasks (e.g., SWOT/PEST Workshop and Service Assessment Workshop).

How is the Municipal Library Board involved?

The Municipal Library Board has specific project review and input intermittently throughout the planning process. As displayed in Project Roadmap, those include Task 11 Confirm Opportunity Analysis, Task 18 Review Draft Strategic Plan, and Task 23 Adopt Strategic Plan.